Thursday, 1 August 2019


        After so many decades of the establishment of the Revolutionary Communist Party of India, today the party is celebrating its 86th foundation day. The party has reached this stage through several ups and downs splits, re-mergers, bans, arrests and murders of partisans, etc. However, no one has ever been successful in frightening the RCPI to stop its struggle against the exploiting classes; this is something that we can proudly claim. Our struggle has been continuously and severely suppressed by the ruling classes, but no one has ever been successful in digressing us from our revolutionary goal.
        On this very day, we salute the great revolutionary teachers of Marxism who have shown us the revolutionary path to the destruction of the evil system of exploitation and its replacement with one which will bring justice to mankind. We recall the great teachings of the revolutionary theorists and practitioners on this very day. We also express our gratitude towards the revolutionaries throughout the world who have laid down their lives in their struggle towards the freedom of mankind from several kinds of exploitation and oppression. We have to follow these great revolutionary theorists and practitioners not blindly but by analysing their works and activities properly.
        The Revolutionary Communist Party of India will keep the banner of revolutionary communism flying in the best traditions of Marx and Lenin, rejecting the hollow theory of collaboration with the of capitalists in the struggle against capitalism itself or even against feudalism, keeping in mind the fact that this is an epoch of imperialism. The struggle of the RCPI is and will remain, as it has always been, a struggle against the bourgeoisie and without the bourgeoisie.
        The RCPI still believes in the Marxist theory of permanent revolution which stands against the counterrevolutionary theories, namely Socialism in one country and the Two-Stage theory. These are the theories and practices which have always been obstacles on the road to a World Proletarian Revolution. In India, it is a period when the capitalist class is not only represented by the ruling party in the bourgeois parliament, but strictly speaking, also by the opposition. In other words, not only the Bharatiya Janata Party is representing the capitalists in the parliament, but also the other parties like the Indian National Congress, TMC, RJD, BSP, JD(U), and the like are representing them. In such a situation, we cannot talk about a struggle against the BJP by going hand in hand with such opposition parties. Even if we do so, our struggle will be successful if our ultimate goal is to defeat the BJP, but that is of course not our ultimate goal; our ultimate goal is to defeat capitalism and establish communism. For that, the RCPI must wage its struggle against the ruling classes under the leadership of the proletariat and with the support of the other exploited and oppressed strata of the people. The RCPI must carry on its struggle both inside and outside the bourgeois parliament.
        The Revolutionary Communist Party of India promises the exploited and oppressed people that it will keep struggling until it achieves WORLD SOCIALISM.

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