Wednesday 13 December 2023

State Organising Committee formed in Andhra Pradesh

On the 10th of December 2023, the State Organising Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party of India was established in Andhra Pradesh during a meeting held in Vijayawada. The gathering was presided over by Comrade R. Satish and attended by 17 individuals, including Comrade Moyoor from the Central Committee, and Comrades V. Agnivesh and J. Srinivas from the Telangana State (Organising) Committee.

Representing the Central Committee, Comrade Moyoor discussed the party’s goals and highlighted the reasons for uprooting the capitalist system. Following that, a question-and-answer session was conducted to address the doubts of those present at the meeting.

It was resolved that the committee would mobilise the working people of Andhra Pradesh against the pro-capitalist policies of the central and state governments. The newly formed committee comprises 12 members, with Comrade Satish elected unanimously as the secretary. Furthermore, a secretariat, consisting of 6 members, was formed to manage the day-to-day activities of the committee.

Long Live the Revolution!

Friday 22 September 2023

Commemorating Comrade SN Tagore


    Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore (8th October 1901 – 22nd September 1974) understood well that fascism cannot be replaced with liberalism. In the ‘Preface’ to his book Fascism, he wrote, “In any previous epoch of human history, there had never been such a profound binary division within the human race as what we witness in our current era. The people within these two distinct camps can broadly be classified as either communists or bourgeoisie, and we can demonstrate this division through these two definitions. Those who aspire to dismantle the decaying capitalist society and are committed to establishing a new societal order are called communists. On the other hand, those who seek to preserve the foundation of the capitalist society, either for their self-interests or class interests, fall into the bourgeoisie category. Even though the bourgeoisie may consist of multiple parties, there exists no fundamental disparity among them; all these parties share the common objective of upholding capitalism. As the workers’ revolution draws nearer, these parties are bound to disintegrate and form fascist parties. The era of the liberal bourgeoisie safeguarding capitalism has long passed. They have no alternative but to discard the facade of liberal democracy and employ the police and the military to preserve capitalism. When imperialism is falling, and the workers’ revolution is developing, those inclined to protect capitalism must adopt the guise of fascism.”

    In another work, “The People’s Front or the Front Against the People,” he wrote, “The bourgeoisie can no longer be democratic and democracy can no longer be bourgeois. Democracy can exist and blossom only in its proletarian form.”

    From Lenin, Trotsky, and Gramsci, we must learn what fascism is and how to fight it. As Gramsci famously wrote in his “Neither Fascism nor Liberalism: Sovietism,” “The liquidation of fascism must be the liquidation of the bourgeoisie that created it.”

    We commemorate Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore on his death anniversary.

Monday 31 October 2022

State Organising Committee of RCPI formed in Telangana

    A State Organising Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party was formed in Telangana on 30th October 2022 in the presence of Comrade Mihir Bain, a CC member of the party. The newly formed committee comprises 18 members with Comrade V. Baswaiah (alias Agrasen) as its secretary. More than 110 people have applied for membership in the party as of now.

Saturday 8 October 2022

Commemorating Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore on his 121st Birth Anniversary

    “According to us, it is bourgeois democracy which has helped Fascism to come to power. The bourgeoisie has given all the privileges of bourgeois democracy to Fascism, has suppressed the proletariat by dint of bourgeois democracy and has ultimately replaced the bourgeois democratic form of its state with the Fascist form of state. What the Fascists are attacking is not bourgeois democracy but those rights which the proletariat has won from the bourgeois democracy and which can thus be considered the democratic pre-requisites of the proletarian revolution. Rights earned by fighting against the bourgeoisie, by pouring out its heart’s blood, by no means, form a part of the bourgeois-democratic rights because democracy in this epoch has already outgrown its bourgeois character. The bourgeoisie can no longer be democratic and democracy can no longer be bourgeois. Democracy can exist and blossom only in its proletarian form.” (“The People’s Front or the Front Against the People?”, August 1940)

Sunday 1 August 2021

On the 88th Foundation Day of the RCPI

     On this 88th foundation day of our party, we, the Revolutionary Communists, pay our tribute to all the foot-soldiers of the socialist revolution who have been working under the banner of the RCPI selflessly for the establishment of socialism. Many of our comrades have also lost their lives in their struggle for communism. We pay our sincere homage to those martyrs. The party has experienced many ups and downs throughout these decades.

     The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the impotence of the capitalist system in providing free medical facilities to the people. With the increase in the number of positive cases, private hospitals have enormously maximised their profits. They are even selling vaccines. It exposes the nature of capitalism that capitalism commodifies even the primal needs of the people.

     It is more than necessary to replace this system with socialism. We invite the people of India to join our party en masse to fight for the establishment of socialism. The days of capitalism are numbered. It must be overthrown for the greater interest of the people. The revolution that has to take place now is a socialist revolution. The teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and our party's founder members will inspire us to accomplish our historical task.

Long Live the Revolution!

Long Live the Revolutionary Communist Party of India!

Sunday 2 May 2021

Comrade Diptabhanu Mitra is no more

Comrade Diptabhanu Mitra is no more. He succumbed to COVID-19 yesterday. He was a member of the Central Committee of the RCPI. It is indeed a great loss to our party. He was one of the most studious comrades we have ever had. His revolutionary ideas and knowledge that he shared with us will always inspire us. He will be alive in our struggles.

We pay our deep condolences to his family. Red Salute to Comrade Diptabhanu Mitra. কমরেড দিপ্তভানু মিত্রকে লাল সেলাম।

Saturday 1 May 2021

Greetings to the Workers of the World on their day!

          The Revolutionary Communist Party of India salutes the working class of the world on their historic day. The international working class has already identified its class enemies. Therefore, being the only genuinely revolutionary class, it has to overthrow the ruling elites and establish a dictatorship of the proletariat. The class struggle has already begun. The world proletariat must march forward to establish a classless society. It must remember that its aim is World Socialism.
Revolutionary Greetings to the workers of the world!
Workers of the world, unite!