Saturday 8 October 2022

Commemorating Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore on his 121st Birth Anniversary

    “According to us, it is bourgeois democracy which has helped Fascism to come to power. The bourgeoisie has given all the privileges of bourgeois democracy to Fascism, has suppressed the proletariat by dint of bourgeois democracy and has ultimately replaced the bourgeois democratic form of its state with the Fascist form of state. What the Fascists are attacking is not bourgeois democracy but those rights which the proletariat has won from the bourgeois democracy and which can thus be considered the democratic pre-requisites of the proletarian revolution. Rights earned by fighting against the bourgeoisie, by pouring out its heart’s blood, by no means, form a part of the bourgeois-democratic rights because democracy in this epoch has already outgrown its bourgeois character. The bourgeoisie can no longer be democratic and democracy can no longer be bourgeois. Democracy can exist and blossom only in its proletarian form.” (“The People’s Front or the Front Against the People?”, August 1940)

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