Sunday, 22 November 2020

The RCPI extends its solidarity to the nationwide protests on 26th November, 2020

        Narendra Modi, to please his capitalist friends and imperialists, has taken several steps in their favour.  Privatisation of railways, airports, oil fields, shares of LIC, etc. and the negligence of PSUs by the government suggests that it is serving the narrow interests of the capitalists only. Such rapid privatisation will in no way benefit the workers but ruin them. 
        Narendra Modi is a tool not only of the Indian bourgeoisie but also of the imperialists of the world. His Make in India is nothing but the continuation of the neoliberal policies that pave the way for the imperialist bourgeoisie into the Indian economy. It is now more than clear that Modi's speeches against FDI before his coming to power were nothing but demagogy.
        Introduction of the Farm Bills, Industrial Relations Code, Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (2020), National Education Policy (2020), etc. are in favour of the bourgeoisie as a whole. The entire working class must unite, irrespective of their affiliations to any political party, keeping in mind that these policies are only favourable to the bourgeoisie. They must understand that any political party that supports capitalism can agree with these policies. Therefore, the working class must recognise its class enemy, i.e. the bourgeoisie as a whole. The working class must understand they will continue facing such problems throughout their lifetime until and unless capitalism is overthrown; changing merely the government will not work anyhow. However, they must carry on their struggle, without letting themselves to be misled by reformists.
        The Revolutionary Communist Party of India extends its full support and solidarity to the nationwide protests called by trade unions on 26th November, 2020 against such anti-people policies. The party will stand with them in the streets on that very day.

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