Sunday, 28 October 2018

Organising Committee of the RCPI formed in Kerala

          Today, on the 28th day of October 2018, the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) formed the State Organising Committee of the party in Kerala, under the secretaryship of Comrade Dipin Thekkepuram, in the presence of Comrades Biren Deka and Subhash Roy.

          The increase in exploitations and oppressions under the capitalist regime has necessitated the strengthening of the communist movement in India. The RCPI has to fight tooth and nail against this capitalist system and to establish socialism not only in India, but in the entire world. The capitalist system is at the doorstep of death. In simple words, the capitalist system is in the ICU. And to protect itself, this system has introduced new methods of exploitation. The ruling class, i.e. the capitalist class, knows well that their days are numbered, and that the working class along with the other oppressed and the exploited stratas of the society can overthrow them by seizing the power into their hands. Therefore, the capitalist class is trying to divide its victims by sowing the seeds of communalism. We must admit that they have been successful to such an extent that the working people are losing their class consciousness and have started identifying themselves as the members of different religious communities, linguistic communities, etc., but not as workers. But at the same time, we must also pledge to counter their evil propaganda. The people must be able to counter their vicious intensions. This destructive system must be replaced with a new one, i.e. with the Socialist system, through a revolution under the leadership of the truly revolutionary class—the proletariat, and with the active cooperation of the other oppressed and exploited people.

          We appeal to the working people, the peasants and the other oppressed and exploited stratas of Kerala to strengthen the communist movement in India by extending their hands to the RCPI. We, the soldiers of the Marxist-Leninist army, must go through various challenges, several defeats and victories, until the final victory of socialism is achieved.

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